Villa 360

Welcome to our Villa 360ᵒ, a newly constructed Concept House which combines the living, entertaining and artistic ambiance of Mykonos, situated only a few steps away from the famous Panormos beach.

This all season unique housing project lies in an 8.000 square meter plot and is distinguished by its spacious open-plan design, its meticulously landscaped environment and its diversified outdoor living spaces that have been configured into defined zones of art and greenery. The boundaries are blurred between the interior and exterior living spaces and the guests feel a sequence of discrete experiences that can be enjoyed throughout the year as the house has been constructed on the mentality of a four season house.

Art is a main element of the Panormos house and is actively present indoors and outdoors through timeless marble and iron pieces originating from a private collection with a modern twist approach plus other more contemporary pieces.

The building comprises High Technology Systems, with the highest quality in electromechanical services and advanced automation systems. Automation systems operation is achieved using the Control 4 platform, which integrates all building systems and allows for future expansion and improvements. Friendly to use, touch screens, have been positioned in all areas of the building, with full visualization and control of the following systems:

Lighting: The system provides choice of various preset lighting scenarios for each room.
Heating, Cooling and Ventilation: The system provides choice of personalized temperature and air flow control.
Vision: In each room smart TVs have been installed, offering land and satellite channels as well as Apple TV, Netflix and Cosmote TV.
Sound: Ceiling mounted speakers have been installed in each room and ground speakers throughout the external and the landscaped areas.
Venetian & Roller blinds.
CCTV, Security and Fire Detection systems.
Video Intercom system.

There is wifi coverage in all the interior of the building and surrounding external and landscape areas.
Moreover, the Panormos House has aimed to have an ecological approach to the environment with the selection of mostly earth building materials, the installation and the use of geothermal energy system for the air-conditioning needs of the house, the use of flushing cisterns with less water consumption, the use of led lighting throughout the interior and exterior areas for energy conservation purposes and the planting of a significant amount of trees and plants that have been selected to need the less water possible.


First Floor Level
Main Entrance, Living Room, Open Kitchen with fireplace, Elevator serving all floors, BBQ, Balcony & Lounge area

Ground Floor Level
4 Suites with en-suite bathrooms, Playroom/ Family Room/ TV Room/ Office, Space with bathroom [serving also people with special needs]

Lower Floor Level
Room with en-suite bathroom, Hammam, Gym, Massage Room, Second Kitchen, Laundry Area, Personnel Room with en-suite bathroom, Electromechanical Area / Control Room / Storage

Outdoors Area
Swimming Pool with all auxiliary areas [WC, indoor and outdoor shower, changing rooms, lounging area, umbrellas], Amphi-Theater for 250-300 people and bar, Lounge Area with umbrellas and fully equipped bar, Reception Areas with art pieces and seating areas, 2 Parking Areas, Life Size Chess, Lounge Fire-pit, Lounge Personnel Room, Green Areas and paved pathways


The Panormos House offers:

Four [4] Suites with en-suite bathrooms: The suites feature king-size beds, white Thasos marble floors with grey granite Nero K. skirtings, custom designed doors with a combination of straw and glass facades surrounded by bronze frames and bronze door handles in the shape of natural stones. Moreover, the Italian Poro closets also feature bronze frames to match the doors and have glass doors to provide visibility of the interior. Suites are equipped with flat TV screens, safe boxes, reading lights, black out shutters etc.

Each suite has a particular color palette to provide diversity to the house. The color is evident at the hand-woven beds and the accompanying furnishings. Moreover, some of the suites feature impressive fringes of two colors which encircle the beds and some others have designers’ hanging lights or modern paintings.

All suites have en-suite bathrooms that feature marble floors with gleaming grey granite counter tops, antique marble sinks, walk-in marble showers, specially designed doors with inox in order to match the bathrooms’ details. Bathrooms are also equipped with a selection of toiletries.

Room with en-suite bathroom: This particular room has a king-size bed and an en-suite bathroom. This room could be used for accommodating older children since it is located at the Lower Floor Level or for any additional personnel that the guests might need.

Two [2] personnel rooms: The one room with en-suite bathroom is located in the Lower Floor Level and the other room is located within the outdoor premises. The four personnel people that we employ [two house staff, driver and the guard] reside in these two rooms.



The house entrance floor manages to combine the cooking, dining and lounging areas. The floor covering matches the impressive wavy wooden white ceiling composed of 150 custom-made wood panels of different shapes, reminiscent of the Greek sea, enhanced by the RGB subdued lighting providing red, blue and green colors and over 16 million different hues.

The main staircase, suspended from the ceiling, serves as a sultry sculpture and achieves an air of transparency and lightness connecting all floors. It is the ethereal bone structure of the house as it is created by 3.500 white pebbles and of 400 fusing crystals imitating the shape of the pebbles which are weaved together by thread based on their shapes.

On the left side of this floor, the eye focuses on the gracious totally white light-filled open-kitchen gallery of the top design Italian line of Arclinea, fully equipped with the latest technology and design systems of the highest standards. It features double sinks, Miele washer, Miele oven, an ice maker, a spacious Gaggenau wine cooler, Miele cooking burner, a Miele teppanyaki grilling griddle, Gaggenau refrigerator and Gaggenau freezer.

The impressive techno-granite communal long table, with a seating capacity of twelve people on high stools, has a length of 6,60 meter and in its middle, running through the whole length and accentuated with subdued lighting, features a semi-precious stone called “Wild Agate light Precious stone Marble polished installation from the famous Italian company Antolini. The table is the central gathering space for social interaction that revolves around meal preparation. This cozy feeling is enhanced by the antique marble fireplace with the Caryatids details.

Next to the fireplace is the actual merge of the exterior and interior of the house where the outdoors amphi-theater actually penetrates the glass opening and enters the interior. So part of the exterior amphi-theater becomes a part of the interior and natural views and sunlight are welcomed into the house.

The elevator is also treated as an art work and has mirrors on three sides and the back wall is covered by the semi-precious stone Onyx Bianco.

On the right side of this floor, the living room area lies. Two corner B&B/Charles white leather sofas are paired with two Cassina/Note inox and white lacquer coffee tables. Two custom-made blue lacquer consoles with planters have been installed behind the two sofas and on top of them two handmade illuminated Carrara rectangle lamps with black oxidized metal parts by famous designer Ioanna Marinopoulos have been placed. Two B&B artistic benches are touching the wall where pops of color are introduced in the contemporary painting of the famous Greek artist Apostolos Giagianos. Three custom-made, intricately carved white wooden pieces inspired by the traditional Mykonian dovecotes are seen below the windows. An antique heavy iron safe Marseilles deposit, a mirror TV with a decorative old marble corner detail and an egg sculpture complete the artistic view of the living room.

In the evening, guests can create any ambience they wish for their entertainment as the lighting has been meticulously studied to be able to be modified according to the guests’ requests.

The living room is easily expanded towards the BBQ balcony that has a seating capacity of 10 persons. Guests dine at an impressive table with an old marble top attached to an antique iron base and comfortable chairs. The meal preparation area is equipped with an Arclinea small kitchen, Kenyou BBQ, sink, Gaggenau refrigerator and ice-maker. Moreover, this outdoor dining area is protected with a reclining glass in the event of windy days. The balcony is covered with a specially designed iron pergola covered with grey wood panels where it provides shade to the seating area and the colorful corner seating area with two marble built in gamma shape benches flanking an also built-in table.


Besides the four suites that have been described in the accommodation section, this level features:
Multi–Use Room that can be used as a Playroom, TV room, Family room and Office space: This room has a playful feeling with a Vietnamese bamboo backdrop creation interrupted by two old rectangular portholes. The palette of the bamboo is accentuated by the comfortable B&B sofa of blue, grey and white textures and the custom made marble table with a special detail of a blue poured material imitating the sea. The white and matte silver USM bookcase and office synthesis contains a flat screen 80’’ TV, a selection of coffee table books, games, chess, backgammon, playing cards, a printer and two ergonomic USM office chairs. The area is served by a guest toilet which is also reachable by people with special needs.


Besides the Room and the Personnel Room that have been described in the accommodation section, this level features:

Gym: The gym features a wooden deck floor with a white marble cornice and a Barrisol ceiling which alternates colors. It is surrounded by mirror surfaces and a mirror TV. The gym is fully equipped with an elliptical ΜS Strider, a Treadmill X6, a ballet bar, cylinder for Pilates, TRX, Bosu, weights, a sandbag, soft elastic bands of different resistance, speed jump rope, yoga wheel, loop light set, resistance tube strong and medium, ball, mats etc.

Massage Room: It features white marble floor and likewise the fitness room, the ceiling part on top of the massage bed is Barissol and changes colors for relaxing color therapy. The wide white leather massage bed, the essential oils diffuser and the music preferences selection create the most tranquil atmosphere.

Hammam Room: It features white marble floor and is coated with Carrara white marble with stripes. The marble bench has a wavy feeling and the ceiling is covered with small led lights creating the effect of a starry night.

Second Kitchen: Fully-equipped Arclinea kitchen with Siemens electrical appliances [dishwasher, oven, micro-wave, fridge/freezer, burner], a quartz table with a very artistic glass base that cuts the granite, four chairs and a flat TV screen.

Laundry Room: Fully equipped laundry featuring an Electrolux professional washer and dryer and an additional Electrolux combined washer/dryer in order to have the ability to separate the guests clothing from the personnel’s clothing. Autonomous steam iron with boiler Beta 3 Tpa, folded heating finishing table Beta 3 Tpa and wooden built-in shelves.

Electromechanical areas: The electromechanical areas are exposed through glass panels separated by a wide corridor for the guests to be able to see the whole experience. An electrical generator of 110KVA covers the house in case of power loss.


Besides the Personnel Room that has been described in the accommodation section, the outdoor area features: The main entranceway of the house unfolds into a procession. Overlooking the passage way guests are welcomed by a two piece old iron-gate door flanked by two old stone cactus pots. The whole passageway is covered with a natural grey poured rock crystal stone derived from the combination of granite, marble and quartz and it is planted along its full length with a selection of plants and trees. The materials, the collection objects and the choice of greenery that are used throughout this rhythmic sequence always refer to Greek nature and history.
Along the first area of the passageway there are two pairs of old marble millstones of different sizes that have been matched with two old marble built wells on each side, all free standing sculptures.

Following that first sculpture installation, there are four old marble sinks with matching marble decorative backdrops placed on the traditional Mykonian stone wall. Besides the old marble sinks, four specially designed lighted canopies featuring climbing plants and accommodating two old marblebenches and two plexi-glass benches have been installed creating four intimate protected shady corners.

In between the four canopies, six old large clay pots have been specially modified to receive fire installations to provide a mystic ambiance at night time. The eye catches a bright red cast-iron Viennese antique staircase sculpture that emerges in the background creating an antithesis between the greenery and its red color.
This courtyard is meant to be also used as the cocktail area of any event held at the residence. Music from the hidden sound speakers imitating rocks, running water from the old marble sinks creating a fountain-like feeling, special lighting of the sculptures, the canopies and all elements create a feng-shui acoustics experience.
An amphi-theater, which is an integral part of the landscape, arises within the plot. It is equipped with a bar and has provision for a potential DJ for special occasions. It has a capacity of 250 – 300 people and its location has been based on an acoustics study to maximize the experience.
The swimming pool has a round petal shape as it is seen as the visual continuation of the outdoors amphi-theater. The bottom of the swimming pool features optical effects of a starry night. The swimming pool is served by loungers, umbrellas, outdoor and indoor shower, WC and changing rooms.
A lounge area, next to the swimming pool and right outside of the suites, features outdoor couches, special woven carpet, big rectangular UV protective umbrellas and coffee tables. The setting is completed with a fully-equipped bar.
The life-size chess lounge area features white and black pones that have been placed on black and white marble rectangles creating a gaming and playful atmosphere.
A fire-pit lounging area is also featured where a circular couch is ideal for a romantic spot by the fire staring at the sea.
Parking areas: The premises have an ample space of parking as the cars can be parked into two separate parking areas. One is conveniently located next to the main entrance and the other one along the sea.
Greenery Areas: An interesting journey of the senses has been created through twenty-four types of plants and ten types of trees of different heights, colors, textures and fragrances which are interrupted by paved elevated walkways. This selection of plants and trees include the Cupressus sempervirens pyramidalis, the Olea Europaea, the Phoenix Washingtonia, other Palm trees (e.g. Chamaerops Humilis, Chamaerops Exelsa), the Pomegranate tree, the Pinus Pinea, the Acacia Longifolia , the Morus Alba, the Ficus, the Ziziphus tree, fruit trees (Lemon trees, Citrus Clementine trees, Medlar trees, etc.), the Santolina Chamaecyparissus, the Thymus Vulgaris, the Thymus Praecox Minor, the Rosmarinus Officinalis Prostratus, the Gaura Lindheimeri White, the Lavandula Pinnata, the Carissa Macrocarpa, the Elaeagnus, the Medicago Arborea, the Pistacia Lentiscus, the Festuca Glauca, the Trachelospermum Jasminoides, the Bougainvillea (White & Pink), the Stipa Tenuifolia, the Phormium Tenax Atropurpurea, the Metrosideros Excelsa, the Westringia Fruticosa, the Tulbaghia Violacea, the Echium Candicans and the Nerium Oleander White.